13 Oct 2011

Life is unknown text to many of us and unless we live wise fully every day, nobody can tell us about what really lies ahead of us. Life is not always keeping what I want and I liked, but rather sharing with what we have to offer for each other. We can bring big changes in life by not hoping to change others but simply changing ourselves for betterment of tomorrow.

In addition, it is true that life is not rosy as one may have wish, however, if we make the right effort, we can pursue a rosy garden of our wonderful life. Moreover, since young, we are sending to school to prepare for our difficult journey ahead, however, the real journey begins when we start to live day by day and living in a fantasy world of dream brings our down fall. Therefore, today is the most important for us and what we do now prepares rest of our journey.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one think of changing ourselves

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