19 Nov 2011

A Good Leader
Many people have different opinions about the characteristic of leaders. Some believed is less corruption, being more compassionate and understanding about others. It is true that leaders must have admirable characteristics in order to serve as leaders. I believed it is important that leaders be honest, less selfish, and understanding about others.
First, as leaders, you have to be honest to help anyone who needs your service. There should not be any form of favoritism involved with any leaders. In addition, leaders should always tell the truth, even though it may create unhappiness among other people. Leaders must see everyone as your own family members. Indeed, the leaders truly have to be an honest human being.
Second, when you are elected as a leader to serve people and fulfilled their needs, you cannot afford to be selfish and self-centered. Leaders have to open their hearts and service to anyone who needs their guidance and protection. For instance, you cannot just help your own family; Leaders must open their arms to everyone. If leaders care only for themselves, then they are less fit to be a good leader.
Finally, understanding about each others’ problems, weakness and good qualities are a very important part of the true characteristic of leadership. You cannot just believe in yourself and hold on to your own opinion. There are many good reasons why it is not right. For example, what you believe may not be right, and could be totally wrong. As a leader, you have to share your thoughts and ideas with others, and only through such exchange you will understand others better than you may have imagined.
Therefore to be an excellent leader, you must be an honest person, more concern for others, and understand what others feel .

~ Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche 蘇曼嘉旺 仁波切

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