27 Oct 2011

Since, we are young we hear a lot about how we are going be successful as a student, an entrepreneur and a leader to conquer the world. However, our own experiences tell us that we are just dreaming or it is another Childs play. In addition, every day we hear from difference news channels about countries trying occupy another countries to prove to the world that they are most powerful but in reality what it shows to others is their own insecurities and helplessness to deal with their own an emotions and problems within.

Moreover, unless we conquer our an emotions then even possessing the power, wealth and strength of an universal king will not secure our happiness and destiny. Furthermore, first most we must conquer our faults, greed, anger and many other poisons which brings harm to oneself others. Finally, knowing what is morally right and wrong is the first step and followed by mindfulness and awareness gives us the strength win over all those so called an emotions. Therefore, we must conquer our greed for power, selfishness, anger and other emotions, if we really want to conquer the world of others.

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