Basic foundation of Buddhism

In the 21st century, development has provided us with full of opportunities. However, there is always a danger when we do not what is right for us. For instance, when we take a medicine, we need to know how and when we need medicines. Otherwise, it may become harmful to us. Similarly, we all know that practice of dharma is very important to liberate us from suffering and attain realization for the sack of all beings. Yet, if we practice wrongly then we may end up with more misery.
In addition, these days I have seen many friends like to practice and listen to higher teachings. However, without having proper foundation of dharma knowledge, we are simply looking more trouble then benefits. Therefore, my sincere request to all my friends is that before you jump into any practices, you need to get a proper advice about the practice and complete instruction, or else we are going to face more hurdles and fewer benefits from the practice we may have followed for a long time.

~ 蘇曼嘉旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

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