Many of us are quite confuse when you have to differentiate between devotion and someone you like. To begin with liking, it is very straight forward , just you like someone or dislike or could be indifference .The picture is very clear to most of us, unless your are drunk. Now the difficult part is the devotion, first, devotion is difficult to arise and easy to lose and more hard to keep with us. Second, devotion means to have total belief in someone as a saver and protector from confession or to free ourselves from suffering. Finally, how we going to acquire devotion? Most probably, from three sources: First, by reading the life story of Buddha and Budisattowas, how they dedicated their life for sake of others and how compassionate they are. Second, the life story of gurus and how they devoted to their practice and to their gurus, such as Malarepa. Finally, which is the most important part, finding logical reasons why and how devotion help us to free from confusion with the guidance of our teachers.

One has to make proper studies and analysis to support your belief and how devotion benefits us. Now, the question is, how do we know that we have a devotion to our teachers. These following answers may help you to understand better, first, when you meet or see teachers or holy objects such as Buddha’s images, unconditional, genuine, strong, pure respect and trust pouring out of your heart uncontrollably. Second, sometime we tend to have goose bumps when we meet teachers or see holy objects. Third, when see or meet teachers your eyes will fill with tears without any reasons. Those are the some of the sigh of devotion. However, when we meet our teachers, we don’t have to cry each time. Or else, you may frighten teachers and they may run away from us. So, the answer is simple, wether we have devotion to our teachers or simply respect and like them. If neither of these two, then surely you have fallen love with your teacher!

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