Emptiness is the true nature of all phenomena and no one has ever created emptiness and it is the essence of all. Everything that we see every day has no essence and if we try to find a solid ground than we may not find it at all, because there is no such thing called an inherent existence. Every day in life goes on, and as long as we do not question what we see or feel is real or unreal than things seem to be normal, and the moment we question than everything we have believe may fall apart.

One may ask how come we can still see and feel things. We cannot simply say that what we have believed and see is not necessarily have a truth. For instance, in our dream we may feel everything is real and when we awake up there is nothing we can show to anybody. Similarly, what we see and feel does not have a fact and it is simply the work of ignorant, because it makes things which have no essence what so ever.

The true benefit of understanding emptiness helps us to be free from attachment and of course not to mention that eventually lead us to total realization. There are many ways how to at least understand emptiness. For example, by studying, contemplating and practice or meditation and most importantly to know that such task is not a one or two day practice but long term effort and practice are very important.

蘇曼嘉旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

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