The word happiness has a magical power, we all want to be a part of it and feel it. If I ask you what is the definition of happiness? I am pretty sure that we don’t really know what happiness means to us. It is like saying the taste of chocolate is sweet, lemon is sour and Mexican’s chili is hot. However, one kind of feeling can’t explain the whole picture of happiness. Happiness itself is complex and sometimes deceiving.

Let me explain what happiness means to me at least, I enjoy eating Chinese food and for that moment of enjoyment I need to take an hour’s trip from Cambridge to downtown Boston. Now, my happiness has become a mixture of sweet and sour soup! For me happiness also means, while I am watching a nice movie such as “The Lord of the Rings”, no one disturbs me or no one tells me to go on diet . We are all thirsty for happiness and the answers lie within us.

If you are looking for an extraordinary kind of happiness, then even in your seeable future you will not have it. One thing is very clear from the beginning, you don’t expect people to make you happy, rather than in any given situation you have to make yourself happy. For instance, while you are enjoying a tasty Vanilla ice cream, you have to just relish that moment and be happy for yourself. In such mundane ways you can find happiness surrounding you. It is a wise way to be happy and it is in fact plentiful. You have to be opportunistic, in a way and there is nothing wrong about it.

One may say, you should be more accommodating in order to enhance healthy growth of your happiness. This is what we called temporal happiness and it is possible to feel it and cultivate. If you are referring to true happiness than it means: accomplishment of total satisfaction! Such happiness is obtained from limitation and total destruction of all these poisons: such as ignorance, anger, jealousy, attachment, and pride. Wow! , it is going to take some time friends but please don’t wait for me and I shall catch up with you guys later. Good luck!

With warmest regards and love!

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