How Can We Make Small Contribution to Our Society

Logically speaking, to fill an ocean every drops of water is precious and counted. As a part of human society, we all have a great responsibility to respect and protect others and the environment. It is not about what you belief but rather it is about how much you can contribute for the benefits of others. We love our self for so long and at the end of the day are you better or we are more unsecure in this ever changing world? The problem is, We all move one step ahead and three steps behind and in fact this is how it has been as far as we could remember. Nothing is easy than said, there is a saying, “no pain no gain”. But the different here is that the pain that you have endear has a meaningful purposes, it is not about me but for the benefit of others. Whatever you done were something meaningful and you should be proud of your contribution. In deed you will be remembered and respected and your ticket to the Heaven is conformed! What this all tell us is that the purpose of life. If you ask me what is the purpose of life, the answers is simple, to be happy but, not at the expense others and to make others happy. Therefore, nobody in this world should not use any kind of forces to acquire happiness because it will be short lived. We all can learn from what is happening in Middle East and it can happen anywhere else. Power, Fame, and wealth aren’t the genuine source of happiness. In fact these may add more problems than the solution. After all, the true source of happiness lies within you and we just have to cultivate rightfully. If each and every one of us, do the right things for the sake of oneself and others and the environment according to our own ability, this will bring lasting solution to our never ending problems. We all need to work for the brighter future for ourselves and for the next generation. This just my hope and belief, rest all depend on all us what our future like to be. May you be always blessed with love and happiness!

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