The 21st century is the most advanced in terms of science and technology but certainly we have entered an age of uncertainties. Advancement in information technology and medical field surely bring some relief but these improvements make our lives harder and less meaningful. There are people who appreciate these changes however, I prefer a middle ground with more human to human connection and less technology interference in our lives.
It is truly amazing how far we have come, from the stone to technology age. Such advancement has brought benefits and a degree of happiness to many people, especially, in the medical fields and science. Today, travelling around the world is a reality. We have certainly moved to a new era and our journey is not going to end soon. However, to dependents much on technology does not guarantee anything .For instance, nuclear technology has brought so much concern and destruction to the lives of many individuals. In addition, the more we advance in terms of technology; no one can guarantee us that our lives are safe and protected. I personally prefer less technology and more human relationships among people.

Finally, I believe the purpose of life is to be happy myself and bring happiness to all others. There is nothing wrong with acquiring happiness, but surely not at the expense of others. When too much technology affects our lives and the connection between individuals is lost. For instance, when we are young we play together with friends , now this has been replaced by computers. We spend less time with our friends and family. Moreover, such an environment has affected our relationships with the outside world. Our lives have become just another facilitator for technology and close relationships are becoming harder by the day. Therefore, less technology and more close relationships with each other is more meaningful to our lives.

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