The True Meaning of Religion

Religion is very important to people who are looking for inner freedom from poisons, such, as anger, desire, jealousy and so forth.

Religion teachers, teaches you how to be good in nature and to be happy even difficult times not at the expense of others.

In addition to respect oneself and others by understanding that everyone wants to be happy as you are.

There are different believes in source of happiness, one thing is pretty sure to most of us that happiness comes out of satisfaction, contentment and limit of desire, and they could be many more, according to different believes.

Religion is like a poison, when someone interprets wrongly according to their need, it can be dangerous and harmful. The right way, it brings satisfaction and genuine happiness. Even poison, if you used it the right way, it could save your life.

Unfortunately, what is happening now days that in every religion, the true meaning of religion is getting totally distorted and creating more confession to believers. Every religion may not have any self interest to make all of us salves. Selfishness, egoistic, pride, wealth and power are the changing face of today’s religions.

What is important is that one should learn from qualified teachers and make sure that you respect others belief. Be open, sincere and let the teachings of Buddha takes root in your heart!

With best wishes and love

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