You Are Responsible For Your Own Destiny

Many of us genuinely believed that our destiny lies with someone else. The day we are born, even though we may not able to speak, yet we are all looking for the same answers, why I am here, and who I am and what is my goal? Some of the answer could be these following reasons, first, why we are here is because of our own actions or karma from your previous life .Second, is to make ourselves and bring happiness to others without hurting anyone in the process. There is a saying,”what you are today is what you had done in your last life and what will be tomorrow is what you do today”! If we ask who I am? According to Buddhist belief, we all possessed the essence or seed of enlighten being but we failed to recognized that and this is the reason why we are here .The different between Buddha and us is Buddha recognized the essence and we still haven’t and we may have to make Samara our home for a long time. In fact it is not a bad idea to make Samsara a platform to reach our goal which is to become Buddha for the sake all. As Buddha rightly said that I can just show you the way, it is all up to you when or how soon you can reach your destiny. With all those reasons, we don’t wait for anyone to bring us . It is up to us how hard we work and how seriously we devout your time to practice. We can’t blame anyone for our pain and we can’t give credit for my happiness to anyone else. If I am wrong, the thousand Buddha can’t make me right and if I am right millions of devils can’t make wrong! It is all what we do, but not somebody do it for us. Surprise! What I said is not what I think but it is the view of Buddha Sakyamuni! Hey you are free to add on or express your own views. Please make sure that you don’t act like a Buddha!

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