19 Oct 2011

We chose to be Buddhist, not just to be friends of Buddha but to fellow the right way to release temporarily from our misfortunes course by following the wrong path, and eventually to attain realization for the sake of all others. How do we become a good Buddhist? First of all, one has to be a good human being and only than one will be! In addition, to the Buddhist, not just recitation of mantras , holy books and practice of meditation are all essential ,but who sees whole life as a important apart of practice to be observe diligently and making the right effort.

However, if we are following more traditional way than, following advice may be helpful to you: When we do not have a time to practice long hours then we may just practice short and simple, there are mainly five steps will help us to be a good practitioner, first, we must sincerely take a refuge from the three jewels and the three roots in order to be under their guidance to fellow the right path and to achieve total realization! One may visualize or just put the pictures of the refuge in front of you. Placed our two hand close to our heart , like a shape of Lotus bud and between our two hands we should visualize that there is precious gems to offer to all Buddha and requesting them to liberate all beings from suffering.

Second, when we pray, just don’t think about ourselves only but all others who like to be free. Moreover, we should request The Jewels and the three Roots to be our witness to practice love and compassion for all others. Third, offer everything from our heart and most importantly our body speech and mind but we don’t have to worry that Buddha will take away everything. Forth, during the recitation of the mantras, first our focus should be the Buddha we are visualizing and second, the mantra itself at least twenty five times and again go back to the visualization for moment than again recites the mantras. We should also visualize the light of blessing of refuge are radiating on us.

Further, eventually, recitation, visualization and receiving the light of blessing all flows in one line. Fifth, whatever merits we have cultivated we should simply dedicate for the sake of all sentient beings. Such way our merits will flourish forever, and after all merits are the source of our fortune, happiness, success and finally liberation! In Summary, it is not just practice but what we think and how we practice and these will make the differences in term of success!
Hopefully this discussion is helpful to you!!!

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