22 Oct 2011

True love is beautiful and has always been the main source of strength and will power for the mighty one and all of us. When we harness such love, we will see our life with so much of colors, live and meaning. Love blesses us with a joy, happiness and sense of caring for each other. However, the moment our love becomes self centered, or driven by sexual desire and selfish then the true meaning of love changes what it represents. In addition, love and compassion is the most powerful tool to empower us and anyone to overcome and defeat an emotions and any form of forces which destroys our meaningful life.

Moreover, hatred, an anger and greed does not eradiate our so called poisons of all these emotions, but love is the only powerful toll to win over and seize power from such forces. Furthermore, who believes ego, an anger and greed can defeat our emotions and so called an enemy is elusion and ignorant, even though our own experiences tell us a totally different story.

Finally, loves and compassion, closely connects us with our families, friends and relatives and even we are able to win and defeat all forms of enemies within and externally. In conclusion, love mends broken promises, love empowers every individual and love brings hope and shares with each other love and happiness.

Without you I am no one and you have made me who I am to day
One day, if I become a Buddha is because of your love and your care. And without us the prince Siddhartha is just another king but not as a Buddha we known today!!!

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