5 Oct 2011

We are living in an artificial world and our main concern are; how we look ,how much we own and what is our status in society .We are also very much brand conscious and all these make us venerable and weak. First, it is difficult to get, second, harder to maintain and finally, easy to lose. When we look deep side our heart, nothing really matters and without owing all those, we can be still happy and complete human being.

Truly speaking, what we lack is true love and respect for each other; for instance, if we really care from our heart then why we inflect so much pain for little gain and dreaming for unrealistic goal in life. In addition, I do agreed with you to certain extend about the brand quality, some of the branded goods do last longer, but too much of brand conscious becomes the apart of problem not a solution. Moreover, when we start to look for a status in society, then most likely, this is the beginning of suffering and an end could be a distance dream. Finally, it is nothing wrong to enjoy life, however if our enjoyment becomes the long lasting source of pain then I will settled with a little happiness rather than lasting suffering.

In conclusion, be happy as who you are and please dont take your happiness for granted, because it is hard earned not given.

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