8 Nov 2011

Culture plays a very important part in our live. Equally sometimes it blinds us to true universal values , which is to respect all ,not just whom you love, hate not others but your own anger and before you ask anyone how to respect honesty , you have to be an honest person yourself.

In addition, today, our principle in based not on truth but selfishness and we want others to be a good human being but oneself hides the evil of all, anger, jealousy, greed and ignorance. Moreover, no one can make us good or bad, it is our own poisons that we have made our ornament of life. There are good things that culture offers us such as sharing values and upholding a family values. Furthermore, it is not we don’t know or care but simply our pride and greed changes the true colors of culture and what it represents.

Finally, if we enhance the true values of cultures, then there are no differences in cultures between the mighty one and our culture and the entire boundary that our selfishness had build up for centuries will just fall apart than we will all become one beautiful family of universe. Therefore, respect the true culture and what it really represents.

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