In our lives, we all go through ups and down and should not let those hurtles ruin us . In the 21stcentury chaotic environment that we all live in now, it is difficult to live peacefully and happily. In such a situation, people are angered even for no reasons. Some individuals choose to fight when someone makes them angry, while I prefer to be patient for the following reasons. Anger does not guarantee a perfect outcome, it makes things bad to worse, and finally it brings more misery, not happiness.

First, I definitely choose to be more patient than angry, because it does not guarantee a perfect outcome. In addition, it is quite normal in life that there will be someone who will criticize you. On the other hand, there will be others who may admire you. However, if we expect satisfaction from anger than it is not going to happen. For instance, when you are angered by strangers, you cannot just burst into anger and start a fight, because such an attitude will not reward us with a perfect result.

Second, anger will make things bad to worse. Whenever, someone tries to make us less patient, simply answering through hatred does not make things better but worst. For example, most disputes or arguments do not lead to any form of solution. Moreover, such an approach will turns things bad to worse. For instance, If I show my hatred towards an opponent than the outcome will be very ugly. Anger always creates an atmosphere of instability and loss of direction.

Finally, what really follows after being angry is misery and dissatisfaction. One will never hear somebody saying” Yesterday I was very angry and it really helped me to be happy and make others happy. “After anger is always pain and more disconnection between us and others. Further, hatred never brings us better results or a permanent settlement. Hatred is like a fire and it will burn us and others. Whoever is looking for everlasting solution than we should distance ourselves from the fire of anger.

Therefore, anger has never been a solution for a better tomorrow. Any form of anger does not guarantee a perfect outcome, it turns things bad to worse, and finally, just brings more misery.

~ 蘇曼嘉旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

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