13 Nov 2011

Why We are not Happy
Even though technology and living conditions have improved drastically in the 21st century, yet people are not happy as they used to be. Many individuals may have varies reasons why they are less happy than earlier. I agree with the statement regarding bring less happy. However, I have my own sets of explanations why people are less happy today, in spite of having everything in life .In my opinion, individuals are unhappy because their expectation is growing.
Dreaming of unrealistic goals to accomplished and comparing among others makes it harder to be in a tranquil and peaceful state of mind. First, our world is changing at an unstoppable speed and we are all concerned about our own future. We are not sure what really lies ahead of us. In addition, to move according to the time, our expectations grow with it, and we are struggling to keep up with the passé. We all know that fulfilling our needs is impossible task in our whole life. All these expectations make our life more miserable and very unhappy.
Second, we all tend to have wild dreams and it is difficult to fulfill such dreams. For instance, every morning, when we read news paper, about successful individuals, we immediately wish to be such a person immediately, and of course this is very hard to even imagine. Hoping to become super rich, famous and powerful are unrealistic dreams in such a short period. However, it is nothing wrong just to wish, but believing to be super rich is just an impossible task. Unfortunately, it does make us all unhappy and much offset.
Finally, our happiness decreases because we may start thinking why others are more happy, wealthy and famous than myself. Happiness does not depends on others, but it is purely up to us. For example, there is a report written by some professors from different universities and they all came to one final conclusion .The study clearly shows that in order to be happy we need to change our mind set and simply hoping and comparing with others may not really enhance our happiness.
Therefore, happiness is not all about having more a wealth, power and a fame , but clearly having fewer expectations, achievable goals and fame to bring us more lasting happiness.

~ Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche 蘇曼嘉旺 仁波切

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