16 oct 2011

Let me share this mind boggling question with you my friends. What are the differences between dreams and real live? In my opinion if I am not wrong, the differences are; there are not much of differences.

For instance, when we fall asleep, we may dream almost every time and it is good that not many of us will really take seriously about what we had dreamed and most likely we will brash a side. When morning arrives, our dreams becomes like a just passing cloud it will fade away. How we compare dream and real live? In fact the real differences are not much but just longer period of times. There is a saying, “ We have been dreaming for so long and danger is we may never see the morning again ” .

In addition, it is really true that our life is a dream and most of us never remembers , who I was in my precious life and what I will be my next assignment like a dream and when we wake up early morning there is nothing we can bring back . Moreover, days passes, years passes and centuries passes , and we don’t much to show anyone about our journey and who we were in the past and what I am going to be in next life! Furthermore, in dream or in real life, the fear of losing our belongings, families and others are almost the same.

Joy or pain what experienced and affects are the same way. Finally, dream is a very good example how we can overcome our anxieties, attachment, anger, jealousy and many other an emotions that makes our life miserable in many ways. In summary, what dreams tell is don’t be too attach to anything, don’t let our anger ruin our precious life and be happy when we can because nothing really last for ever!!!

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