18 Oct 2011

Families and friends play a very important role in our life and for the mutual benefits we should enhance our friendship for each other. Before we except anyone us our friends, we must at least know what friends stands for us. In my opinion, if I am not wrong, there are a few an important factors that we need to embrace and an avoid; we must avoid friends of convenience and not to step in to space of our friends. Moreover, try our level best to be honest to each other and at least not to take advantages of each other’s weakness in any time.

In addition, we must not forget that we are ordinary human being and we are not perfect, however, both side need to travel extra miles to build our strong relationship base on trust and respect. Furthermore, friends are not just we need to share happiness but especially when we are in great pain and otherwise, one may slip in to a depression. What I have written may sound too good to be true but I believed not entirely false. However, we must know our boundary or freedom of space of each other. In conclusion, trust is built on mutual respect, care and understanding and we need to enhance by making all the right effort and patient!

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