23 Nov 2011

Today, when I looked back twenty years ago, what really came to my mind was not just the time has changed but we have changed more than anything else. What I really learned from my experiences was that one has to be always open to ideas and changes and move on . It is very important to anyone’s life to have a heart to respect and care for others; however, this doesn’t mean that we have to trust everyone.
For instance , when we take a walk in a street , we meet many people and may say hello to each other ,but we don’t have to believed them all .In addition, this issue concerns many people and we all know that trust has to be build in many years, not just in one day. Moreover, sometime we are bid confused because we feel that when I respect others and we must trust them as well. If we remembered, Buddha said,”you don’t have to believe me now, if you think that what I said was right then it is your choice, otherwise you don’t have to embrace my way”
Finally, it is nothing wrong to observe and take a time before we really trust someone and I honetly think that this is the right way to move forward. Therefore, respect others but to believe someone should take longer and such approach will save us little bid from suffering, after all we are all in Dark age and it may get more exciting!
Have a nice weekend !

~ 蘇曼嘉旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

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